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My Rates and Rules
Yes so the last blog i didn't specify my rates and how i operate. well let me tell you them right now.

  • Well it's pretty simple i charge $2.33 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 9744-243
  • Sissy boys and pansie have to pay $2.99 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 9745-853
  • _

There is also more.
Those of you who call and you think yo can get away with saving the extra $0.66 cents will get hung up on. And i'm serious! I'm not playing!
Well on a lighter note you have to pay some type of tribute. Here are the acceptable payments
1. Go to this link and donate towards my surgery.
2. Pay tribute on this website.
3. Call me!!!
4. Go to and get your free three minutes with me!!!
5. Subscribe to my blog and get free offers in your NiteFlirt account.
6.You can always e-mail me at the send mail button!!! I recieve messages very quickly and respond promptly.
And if anyone violates me and gives me any issues i will let you know.

Call ButtonCall now if your a real MAN! For all you sissy asses who want to get bitched up by me, Go to Queen Triana's Lair!!!.

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