Just Setting up shop!!!! - Queen Triana
Yes my pets! I Have officially opened up my site!!!! I have been working on it myself tirelessly for the past two days!!! Bt im excited to say that i am officially finished!
So Dogs, I have been thinking, I know i'm a really sweet and a generous and kind but life has been getting to me latley and i have had the need to just kick somebody around. I want to just get a real sbmissive man and just do things to him. I want to dominate him. I want a man that will call me mistress and let me use and abuse him!

Well attention all Sissies!!!
Do you think you can satisfy a strong power powerful woman like me? Well lets do a questionaire to find out?
Let's start with Question #1
Are you willing to pay tribte to me, Queen Triana?
Question #2
Are you willing to worship my feet and sponser my pedicures
 and sponser my?
Question #3(Really not a question, it's a must!!!) 
You must worship my beautiful tone ass!!!
Question #4
Do you have the urge to be humiliated by a hot latin woman?
Question #5
Do you know that deep down in your heart you have the urge to be dressed up like a woman,paraded around, and fucked like a woman?

Question #6
Does it give you erotic pleasure to surrender your rights to your  wallet and become my human ATM?

If feel like you fall into those categories or you just love to hear the sultry authrative authrotive voice of a woman then i think i'm your gal!!! 

Hey all you manly men out there, I'm not a completly dominating bitch ya know! Now some time i like to have a big dick inside of me too. Yeah so if yo want to hear me play with my 9inch dildo or hear my boyfriend fuck my brains out then why don't you give me a ring and see if he's home? I will be!!!!

I am usally taking calls so if you lik eyo can give me a ring but if not You are always Welcome to e-mail me and i respond quickly. Especially for an erotic experience!
Call me now!!!

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    Ms. Triana

    Yes Fellas to all you down dirty dogs to all you big dick warriors you can check me out at my blog!!!!!


    May 2012